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Looking for someone? This searchable directory of all of our staff makes it easy for you to connect. Search by keyword (example: music or counselor), first or last name, or simply use the "Departments" drop-down box to find everyone in a department. Happy searching!

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Pamela Aubuchon

Titles: Kindergarten Teacher
Departments: Kindergarten

April Ausband

Titles: Developmental Day PreK Teacher
Departments: Exceptional Children

McIver Bair

Titles: First Grade Teacher
Departments: 1st Grade

Tennille Baker

Titles: Academic Facilitator
Departments: Academic Facilitator

James Barger

Titles: Custodian
Departments: Custodial Services

Diane Bennett

Titles: First Grade Teacher
Departments: 1st Grade

Rebecca Bond

Titles: Third Grade Teacher
Departments: 3rd grade

Tina Burch

Titles: Cafeteria Manager
Departments: Child Nutrition

Toshuka Caldwell

Titles: First Grade Teacher
Departments: 5th Grade